Hi 👋🏻, this is an about for this personal site page. Where I list all the technologies I have used for this project

I've used the GatsbyJS UI template for this project. I have to admit that they did a good research on the UI which I did not have resources to deal with. But I have been written the code again, changed many things and added techs to fit my requirements.
Which made this project

Technology List
All techs which applied

  • Typescript

    This is an essential tech that has been applied to many projects using Javascript, which can help us ship the codes with fewer errors. Great tool when work in a team! 👊🏻. I have been used it with vanilla-extract to take care of the CSS side.
  • ReactJS

    This 100% what this site have been made from, it is an 'OS' of all techs to create Components for the whole page (of course Javascript, HTML and CSS, but they are too basic)
  • GatsbyJS

    Same with ReactJS, but GatsbyJS have another important role in creating static site and supporting a huge useful techs such as: GraphQL, SASS/SCSS and ability of using CMS at ease. 🙇🏻‍♂️
  • Contentful CMS

    Among others Headless CMS, I chose Contentful this time, pretty ease to work with, the structure is logic, have an available plugin in Gatsby. It is a nice choice by the way 🌝
  • Airtable CMS

    I have changed the gallery picture list to Airtable to manage the pictures easier and be able to apply API call to update the emoji buttons. In short, Airtable is better to control the content in huge number and growing with less care about relationships.
  • ExpressJS

    ExpressJS is a tool which you must have if you want to develop a NodeJS backend server for you frontend app. Some cool stuffs it has are middlewares, easy to implement routes and so much more built-in methods/middlewares like json(), statics(). 💫
  • MongoDB n Mongoose

    MongoDB is an awesome database for storing json-like data. I found out that it is so easy and convenient to use, setup and interact with. Of course it has some drawbacks like no structures, database analytics. But still love it with Mongoose supported. 💾
  • Three.js

    I have built a globe with three.js in this project but have just played around with it sometime. I have to admit it is a nice tool, using WebGL and can be more powerful for animation in a frontend website. Definitely learn more about it in the future. 🌎
  • Material UI 5

    Not only MUI v5, I have used it with react-hook-form and react-number-format to create a better Contact Form and can be reuse for a bigger, more complex one. Other than that, MUI can be useful in customize buttons, chip and menu (for my like button 👍🏻)
  • Wordpress

    Wordpress is an amazing platform which supports very much for blog writers. They include ease of edit and writing blog posts, admin console site, author and users controller, plugins and themes supported. I've deployed Wordpress site to Dreamhost server.
  • Google Analytics

    Not many things to talk about it, just want to list it here as I am using it to get the analytics data from my site 🌞
  • EmailJS

    Same with Google Analytics, there are some email service provider out there like Sendgrid and EmailJS, I just pick one of them and use, nothing special, although EmailJS is easy to integrate to my project and easy to use as well. 📨

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