Updated new function in Blog page and plan to enhance experience in Blog page

Viet Nguyen
Sep 13, 2022

In this small blog post, I will introduce a new function, list some plans to improve blog post experience and that’s it 🙃

navigation in blog post

I have just updated a navigation bar in my blog posts to make more convenient for you while surfing the posts 😌, not thing special. (illustrated pic above)

Just a small note that, this function only supports for posts with same tags set only.

In the near future, I will implement these improvement below:

  • A search bar (might using Algolia).
  • A comment area (this will use an API, high chance is Airtable again, 🙃 same API and easy to maintain). And that comment will be separated with comments in WordPress. But I will think about displaying WordPress’s comments in my blog pages as well 🤔.
  • A new section with Travel category 😁 (love travel).
  • Ability to share blog post through social media platforms.

That should be all!


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