This is the place where I will update all about my personal development achievements 🚀

Some of them are the capstones projects which I have been coded along with courses tutorials but been modified, been and will be experimented by me 👨🏻‍🔬 . Some are brand new projects ✨. My ideas and discussion will be in Blog
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Project List

My collection of projects

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    Food Order App

    Created a one-page ordering application using ReactJS and Hooks.
  • 3

    Chat App

    Built a real-time chat application using NodeJS and the
  • 4

    Travel diary App

    Built a MERN Full-Stack app with REST API NodeJS Back-end using MongoDB (Mongoose), ExpressJS, Mapbox, JWT Authentication for user’s access, Postman to interact with HTTPs requests, JsonWebToken to enhance the security. Front-end React app with Hooks.
  • 5

    Weather App

    Built a weather forecast application using NodeJS, interact with WeatherStack API and MapBox API to get the information. For which I have planned to improve this app by using Three.js and react-three-fiber to animate with the earth.
  • 6

    Task manager API

    Built a REST API tasks-manager using MongoDB (Mongoose), ExpressJS, SendGrid to send the email, JWT Authentication for user’s access, Git version control, Postman to interact with HTTP requests.
  • 7

    Library Database Management

    Used PHP, HTML5, CSS, SQL and Javascript to build a Library Management Tool with searching and adding books functions.
  • 8

    Unit Conversion Application

    Used HTML5, CSS and Javascript to build a conversion tool.

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