The first Announcement about my personal website

Viet Nguyen
Jun 20, 2022

This is just a thought about my first website ever and notes about how i will run this project, how i maintain and something special i want to share about this page.

Hi 👋🏻,

a robot

Finally, I have finished this project in about 2 weeks of coding, learning, adding technologies, fixing major bugs, applying first steps of future improvements.

Because this is my personal website, so It mostly has my information in it, my blogs and thoughts. Also, it will play a role as the portal to my projects.

So in general, the homepage, the schools navigation, experience, blog, resume is about me 🌝

The Projects navigation will be about my up-to-date projects

My Gallery 🖼 is just a small playground, where I will add more things but I don’t know what things they are yet 😆

The About will list all of the technologies I have ever used in this one. Besides, I have setup 2 ways to contact to me, the first one is email and the second one is just a small form when you don’t want to use reveal yourself.

For now, in Blog, you can filter by tags.

Next post will be about things that I have learnt when was building this site. See ya ✨

About the version, for every content update, the version will stay the same, every bug fix, the last number will change, every features added, the middle number or the first one will change.


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