Using Airtable CMS partly in gallery management

Viet Nguyen
Jun 27, 2022

Major update is about application of Airtable CMS and emoji buttons storing.

This should be a quick post,

Contentful CMS is good! in terms of relationship between models and structures. You can control the relation between parent model vs children model and add validation or restriction with conveniences.

However, There are some kind of content out there contain many entries, that is when the weakness of Contentful is revealed. You will kinda spend a lot of time in adding stuffs, and attaching them to their parents model as well (if your setup is well organised enough).

On another hand, Airtable CMS provides you the grid view, and also an API to interact with Content as well. It is original a CMS, but then it is also a backend api server. By calling Airtable from airtable package, you can get, update the records by api call and then update it back also with a call.

To me, It is kind of hybrid CMS, good enough if you do not need a blazing fast server. Pretty awesome when pairing with a static site generation tool like GatsbyJS 🚀

*CMS: Content Management Systems



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